Tell Me Your Stories

Women walking Morocco

Hi there! If you’ve been reading around here for a while, you probably know that I write for magazines and online publications like International Living, Incomes Abroad, Dogster Magazine, and, of course, this blog. What you might not know is that I rely on fabulous, interesting people like you to help me tell the most compelling, useful, and interesting stories I can.

Which is why, if you’ve ever dreamed of being interviewed for a magazine (or you know someone with a fascinating story that the world should hear), I’d love to hear from you.

I’m particularly interested in hearing from:

  • Entrepreneurs with international businesses (or who run their businesses remotely)
  • Europeans who are passionate and well-informed about their home city and would love to promote it

If you fit the bill, drop me a line.

I can’t publish every story I get, but I will read every email and I will email you back.

I’m also open to pitches from brands and tourism agencies…

I love to write about unique, interesting, and adventurous experiences, particularly in Europe. So if you’re a company or tourism organization and you’d like me to try your snowboarding classes, visit your region, take a surf lesson, or come to a wine and cheese tasting, you should also get in touch. Even if I’m not in your town today, I might be tomorrow. (Check this page to see where I’m off to next.)

Please keep in mind that I have a commitment to my readers to tell the truth. So if I have a sucky experience with your snowboarding lesson or surf school or wine night, I’m not going to sugar coat it, even if it was free. Of course, if I love it, you’ll get yourself a rave.

Have confidence in your company’s ability to wow me? Good. Then you should get in touch.

I’m also always looking for opinions

Even if you don’t want to appear in a magazine, I’d love your input on various travel, entrepreneurship, and other topics. I frequently post questions and ask for opinions on my Facebook page and I’d love it if you’d join the conversation.

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