Hiking from Omiš to Starigrad Fortress

by Gigi Griffis
Omis starigrad fortress

Ask a local where you should day trip from popular Split, Croatia, and one of their answers will probably be Omiš. A town sandwiched along a river, beside the sea, and between sheer walls of rocky cliff rising to form unique rock formations along the valley. 

I can’t believe more people don’t come down here, one local said. 

And I must concur. 

My first experience of Omiš was a rushed one. A quick stop on a short motorcycle trip down the coast with a Croatian friend many years ago when I first visited Split. We stopped to wander the cute town center and then headed up into the mountains to visit a fortress.

This time, Chad and I did a similar trip. Except no motorcycles. This time we hiked up a steep track to a different fortress, this one not accessible by car.

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The trail is steep and rocky, so if you plan to go, wear good hiking shoes (I like Salomon trail running shoes), bring plenty of water, and take it slow on the way down (there’s plenty of scree and we went sliding down it several times). 

The trailhead is a bit tricky to find. On the south side of the river, follow the riverside road through one tunnel and you’ll come to a parking area on your right. Walk alongside it until you see the red sign for STARIGRAD (fortress) on your right.

Follow signs from there and enjoy!

How to Get From Split to Omis

The one tricky part of our Omis adventure was getting there from Split. Not because it’s hard to get between the two towns but because the information online was confusing and inaccurate. What we found to be true is this:

If you want to go to Omis, walk to Split’s old town and locate the bus station just outside the fresh market (here it is on the map). Bus 61 runs every 30 minutes or so or you can take a van/shuttle. Just watch for a white van with OMIS listed in the front window. 

We got off the shuttle in OMIS at the stop beside the water/pier after passing over a small bridge. The first two stops in Omis are a bit far from the center, but this stop is a one-minute walk. If you’re nervous about where to get off, ask the driver. Ours spoke very good English. 

On the way back, just go to the bus stop across the street from the one you got off at and take the bus or shuttle back to Split.

All photos taken with my Sony a6000.

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Nathan Taylor May 6, 2019 - 10:42 pm

Hi Gigi,

Nice writeup on Starigrad. Great stories about local travels and some wonderful images. Can’t wait to head in that direction.

Cheers Nathan…


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