Colorova, Paris: the best breakfast in Paris

by Gigi Griffis
Colorova Paris

Recommended by my Paris foodie friend, Colorova has quickly become my favorite brunch spot in Paris. I first dined there in 2019 with said friend and have just completed another incredible meal in 2023. It’s still as good as ever. Read on to hear about both experiences:


We arrived to a dining room bright and clean and a table set for five (four adults and my friend’s toddler). A colorful pastry case boasted pastries like art.

There were three menus available for brunch. Each included at least two courses, a hot drink, croissants with house-made jams, and one of the artistic pastries in the nearby case. Dani (rightfully) suggested we ask for the pastries to-go, as the meal would be more than enough without them.

I’ve never been disappointed by a meal with Dani and this one was no exception. Every dish was interesting and flavorful. The jams were perfectly poised between sweet and tart. The Champagne (because, yes, some of the menus are served with Champagne) was wonderful. And the company and atmosphere were an absolute delight.

Colorova Paris Colorova Paris


Back at Colorova again, this time just me and Luna (who snoozed happily under the table), I was delighted to find that while the menu has shifted, the format of brunch is still the same. You choose a hot drink, a main course, and a pastry and included in brunch is a juice of the day (strawberry pear today!), butter, several jams, French toast (with chantilly cream served on the side), and a basket of fresh-baked bread. 

They seated me at a quiet table in the back room, surrounded by colorful chairs, with a view out a little window into a courtyard. I sipped a latte so good it needed no sugar and sliced into French toast so fluffy it nearly fell apart on the fork. The pastry tasted exactly like a mojito. The jams of the day were raspberry and chocolate-caramel. And, as was the case the first time, it was simply too much food and I took my pastry to go at the end. 

Highly, highly recommended.

Address: 47 Rue de l´Abbé Grégoire

Phone: +33 01 45 44 67 56

Online booking here. 

Hours: Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays 10 – 17.

Price range: 38 euros for the fixed brunch menu as of May 2023.

Dog friendly? Yes!

What (else) to do in Paris

For great meals, check out Frenchie Bar a Vins, Philippe Excoffier Restaurant, and Mariage Freres tea rooms. For a great farmers market, look no further than Saint-Germain. And for fancy French jams, visit la Chambre aux Confitures (these make great gifts).

When I’m not eating, I could wander forever in pretty Montmartre or lively Le Marais and I’ll do anything Dani suggests, foodie or otherwise. She’s brilliant and has impeccable taste.

Top three photos by Colorova, used with permission, as my camera battery tanked during our first meal.

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