Best gelato in Rome: Gelateria del Teatro

by Gigi Griffis

It’s summertime and that means ice cream and gelato and all manner of sweet, cold treats.

If you happen to be headed to Rome, you’re in luck. Because that’s where you’ll find my all-time favorite gelateria – a place where flavors are seasonal and hand-made, gelato is crafted the old-fashioned way with no powdered bullshit in sight, and small wooden and metal tables overlook cobblestone alleyways where you can sit back and enjoy the icy goodness.

This gem of a place where the best gelato in Rome is hiding?

Gelateria del Teatro.

I first found the gelateria, myself, during a winter trip to Rome. It was recommended by several foodies I trust and I made my way there post haste. One cone of pumpkin and cinnamon ice cream later and I was hooked. I spent the next two months circling back to two of their locations almost daily to try new flavors. Apple cinnamon. Cheesecake. Pine nuts. Chocolate. Basil.

I’m pretty sure I tried everything on the menu for the season and there’s not a single flavor that I wouldn’t recommend. Pumpkin tastes like pumpkin. Apple tastes like apples. Strawberry will wow you with its strawberryness.

I can only imagine that the gelato is even better on a hot summer day in the shade of the alley.

Seriously. It’s even worth walking across town for. Sadly, most other gelaterias in Rome seem to be peddling the inauthentic powdered version of gelato which tastes like sugar and nothing more.

gelato gelateria del teatro gelateria del teatro

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What (else) to do in Rome

The main attractions are popular for a reason. I wouldn’t skip a walk past the Coliseum or a stroll through Trastevere. For good pizza, head to Da Remo. For an incredible cooking class, look no further than Ristomama. And a food tour in an off-the-beaten-track neighborhood can also be a nice treat.

Just a short train ride away, Assisi is also well worth a visit.

Address and phone: There are several locations and you can find them here.

Dog-friendly? Yes

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