An English-Speaking Vet in Vienna

by Gigi Griffis

When I first did a search for an English-speaking vet in Vienna, I had some trouble coming up with good results. Up came Google results for universities and vet clinics, Yelp listings and reviews. But did they speak English? It wasn’t clear from most of the sites.

Luckily, I eventually stumbled upon a review that specifically noted that a clinic very near my hotel had an English-speaking vet. In case you’re also in search of an English-speaking vet in Vienna, here are their details:

Tierarzt am Spittelberg

Dr. Bettina Rippel-Rachle

01 96 90 980

Siebensterngasse 22, Vienna

Our Experience

The vet takes appointments most days, but the day we were passing through Vienna (and needed a rabies booster shot) was walk-in only. If you go on a walk-in only day and are in any sort of rush, go very early. We arrived about 20 minutes before the clinic opened and already four or five people were in line ahead of us. Ultimately, we almost missed my afternoon appointment and had to beg the vet to see us quickly and out of order.

The vet was extremely thorough and helpful. Her English (and her staff’s English) was impeccable. And it’s the only time my dog hasn’t panicked during a shot. It must have been very painless (and was very quick). 

The appointment was quick and reasonably priced, at 80 euros for a health exam and rabies booster shot, along with the appropriate documentation in my pet passport. 

Overall, I would absolutely go to Dr. Bettina again and would recommend her. 

Traveling in Europe with Your Dog?

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