12 farmhouse breakfasts, with love from France

by Gigi Griffis
Salmon breakfast

When I arrived at my amazing apartment in Besançon, the first thing I fell in love with was the kitchen. With its towering, farmhouse-rustic cabinet full of dishes, a heavy wooden table dominating the space, the mugs hung by hooks, the plants spilling across the counter. 

My visits to France are always some variation on falling in love with food again. With cooking. With ingredients. With the spaces where I make and store and eat them. 

Immediately, I took to making myself fresh breakfasts every morning. Something I typically don’t do, even though I love breakfast food and love early mornings almost as much.

After a couple days of effortless, joyful foodie exploration, I decided to make it a habit. For my month in Besancon, I would have good breakfasts at least half the days. And document it.

This is what I ate.

1. Toast with cream cheese, herbs, and lox.  /  2. Greek yogurt drizzled in honey with quinoa-cranberry granola and fresh blueberries.  /  3. Toast with cream cheese, herbs, lox, and fried egg.  /  4. Greek yogurt, honey, granola, and pears.

5. French toast  /  6. Apricot yogurt, granola with cranberries, and banana  /  7. Scrambled eggs with cheese and artichokes, roasted potatoes.  /  8. Greek yogurt with strawberry jam and granola.

9. Brioche with almonds  /  10.  Brioche with strawberry rhubarb jam.  /  11. Steak and eggs with artichoke tomato sauce (homemade) and coffee.  /  12. Egg sandwich on sweet brioche.

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