Tallinn Central Market (Keskturg)

by Gigi Griffis
tallinn central market berries

Our first experience with Tallinn’s Central Market was a bit of a mixed bag.

While there were some incredible-looking produce stands and a whole indoor hall full of butchers, the venue itself was run down and most of the produce seemed to come from outside Estonia. Signs boasted that imports were from places like Ukraine and Poland, with a few Estonian goods tucked in between.

I was also a bit concerned by the fact that no one seemed to be here. No locals chatting up the vendors. No one bartering or buying. Just a collection of vendors standing around chatting mostly with each other.

Later, we’d discover the much more lively, cleaner Balti Jaama Turg, which is the market I’d recommend for travelers in Estonia. But if you happen to be staying near this one, you will find good produce and plenty of butchers here.

How to get to Tallinn Central Market

The market is located at Keldrimäe tn 9, Tallinn. It’s easily accessible by public transit. Just use Google Maps to find the best route from anywhere in the city.

When to go

Market hours are Monday to Saturday from 7 to 17:00 and Sunday until 16:00. We went mid-morning and almost no shoppers were around.

What to expect

Produce (lots of imports), honey, meats, some not-great looking baked goods.


This market is tucked away from the main tourist areas and most vendors are older, so don’t expect much English here. Estonian is the official language and Russian is fairly widely spoken in Tallinn, so you may have some luck there.

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