Secondo Tradizione: a hidden gem in Prati, Rome

by Gigi Griffis
Roman dessert

Located off the beaten tourist track in the Prati neighborhood (a newer, less architecturally pretty neighborhood where you’ll find fewer tourists), Secondo Tradizione was the highlight of my recent Rome trip. We ended up here twice: first, with a food tour for a cheese plate and some rich, red Montepulciano wine. Then, on our own for pasta and artichokes and a heap of desserts.

My personal favorite dish was the gnocci – a version made with eggs and flour and no potatoes, surprisingly) served in a tart, meaty sauce with crisp guanciale peeking out from under the pasta. The cheese plate was also high quality, with every cheese boasting a DOP label (which indicates quality here in Italy). And the dessert menu was so lovely that we ordered four desserts between the three of us because we simply couldn’t choose between ginger and lemongrass creme brulee, tirimisu served in a cup, a tangy mousse served with chocolate and blueberries, and the warm, chewy chocolate lava cake served with berry compote.

Seating is on three levels (and heads up that the bathroom is up several stairs). The setting is intimate, with only a handful of tables on each level. And the room is bright and inviting, with dark wood accents and hand-drawn blackboards full of specials.

If you’re heading to Rome, this is quite possibly the best restaurant I’ve found here.

Address: Via Rialto 39

Phone: +39 06 3973 4757

Hours: Monday – Saturday 12:30 to 16:00 and 19:00 to 23:00.

Dog friendly? Yes.

What to do in Rome

You’ll find the world’s best gelato at Gelateria del Teatro and good pizza at Da Remo. I also like Doozo for Japanese cuisine (if you need a break between Italian meals).

The major tourist attractions are interesting and I’m a particular fan of the aventine keyhole and the nearby public garden Giardino degli Aranci. Exploring the city by Vespa is pretty fun (full disclosure: my vespa adventure was free for another story) and, of course, any fresh market you can make it to will be well worth the effort.

Don’t miss out on artichokes (both Roman and Jewish style) if you’re in the city in winter. And if you’re looking for a food tour, I recommend The Roman Food Tour at sunset in Prati.

If a day trip is on the horizon, Assisi is my favorite Italian town and this is the best restaurant in the city.

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