Hotel Meke: breakfast in the Latvian countryside

by Gigi Griffis
breakfast in Latvia

This autumn, I packed a small bag, took a series of trains to Riga, Latvia, and set off on a walking adventure along the coast, making my way slowly from Riga all the way up past the Estonian border.

The truth about this journey is that it was naturally stunning and most of the food was pretty bad.

The one exception to that rule was Hotel Meke and its sister restaurant.

Meke itself was one of the most comfortable B&Bs of my trip, with bright, white-linened rooms and a sprawling, well-manicured lawn, huge comfy beds and speedy Wi-Fi.

But, of course, for me, one of the biggest measures of success is breakfast.

Luckily, Meke’s was the best breakfast I had in Latvia.

Eggs and bacon, well prepared, fresh-cut tomatoes, bread, butter, charcuterie, olives, cottage cheese, home-baked cake, and homemade jam. All paired with juices (fresh) and coffee or tea and served up in a quiet, wood-paneled dining room.

I was the only person there that morning and spread was enormous. Rich.

I packed up some coffee cake to go, at the urging of my hostess. And I’d eat here again, given the chance.

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