An excellent breakfast in Zürich: 25Hours Hotels

by Gigi Griffis
25Hours Zurich West breakfast

My stays at the hotels mentioned here were discounted/free in exchange for an honest review over on my other blog. They have no idea I’m writing about them here and opinions are my own.

Being a food snob, for me, the question of where to stay while traveling almost always starts with where to eat. Does a B&B or hotel have a big breakfast spread? Has it been highly recommended? Am I going to start the day off with delight or just a utilitarian grab-and-go situation?

The answers, I always hope, lean toward delight and homemade French toast.

Which is why I was really happy to discover the 25Hours Hotel chain. So far, I’ve had the pleasure of staying in three locations – two here in Zürich and one in Vienna. And the reason I keep coming back to the brand? Their breakfast.

Both Zürich locations (of which, West was my favorite because of its cool design and somewhat more spacious-feeing, brighter rooms) offer a massive breakfast spread that includes everything from hot dishes like eggs, bacon, and porridge to local cheeses and meats to fresh-made breads and spreads. And, of course, coffee and tea.

At both hotels, I found myself lingering over breakfast with a cup of coffee and that particular feeling of wellness and richness that comes with a leisurely, delicious, no-rush morning meal.

Address: Pfingstweidstrasse 102 (West) and Langstrasse 150 (Langstrasse).

Phone: +41 44 577 22 55 (West) and +41 44 576 52 55 (Langstrasse).

Price range: Rooms start around 162 euros per night at Langstrasse if you catch a deal and about 119 at West. There is an extra fee for a pet (though they are welcome both in your room and at breakfast!) and, of course, traveling in high season, on weekends, or with a more premium room will drive up your prices accordingly.

What (else) to do in Zürich

Stroll the pretty lakefront or settle in for a picnic along the riverbanks with the locals on a sunny day. The center is full of lovely architecture, and the quirky viadukt shopping center (a series of shops and eateries in an old converted viaduct) is well worth seeing.

For a foodie tour of the city and surrounding country, check out the top chef in Switzerland’s favorite restaurants.

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