Buy My Unconventional Italy Guide & Win Free Italian Cooking Classes

by gigigriffis

Welcome back to my monthly giveaway. In case you’re new around here, the scoop is this:

Every month this year, I’m giving away a big Italy prize. (Check them all out here.) To enter, just buy my new Italy ebook here on the site or nab a paperback and send me your confirmation number.

Never heard of the guide? Here’s what people are saying so far:

“I love it. What to eat? Where to meet people? What to see & photograph. All things that matter to most people, especially solo travelers, and are not well addressed in other guidebooks.“ – Rob Philip

“She asks the eternal question of ‘what to do,’ sure. The difference is *who* she asks: clearly, the most delightful, enthusiastically interesting and deeply engaged people she has come across in her singularly extensive travels. They, predictably, have the raddest answers. They are niche answers. They are answers from people who really, really LOVE their particular slicelet of the country. And they are totally captivating. Loved it.” – Netterino on Amazon

“My method for evaluating guidebooks is to read about places I know well. There was a time when I spent a lot of time working in Genoa – I was there a week at a time about every third week for nine months. I got to know a number of locals. I can comfortably say the section on Genoa is absolutely accurate. Unlike a lot of guidebooks, Genoa isn’t over sold. There is excellent advice about how to visit towns in that area (some of these places are packed solid with people in the summer). They also mention towns that aren’t in guidebooks – places that locals go for vacation or the summer; alternatives to the guidebook itineraries.” – Daniel G. Lebryk on Amazon

“I wish every country had a guide like this!” – LouLouFrance on Amazon

Sound good? You can check out the cover here, read an excerpt here, or nab your copy using the lovely pink buttons below.

Buy it Now:        Full-Color PDF*         Kindle (.mobi)         Nook (.ePub)         Paperback**

Okay, so I bet you want to know more about this month’s giveaway, right?

Nab your copy of the book this month and your name will be entered in a drawing for free cooking classes for two in Umbria at the Slow Food Cooking School, located at the Slow Living property on the Umbria-Tuscany border.

Countryside Fontanaro food

Learn the arts and subtleties of pasta, olive oil, and seasonal fresh ingredients, just a few hours from Rome.

And that’s not all:

Enter to win this month and if you don’t win, you’ll automatically be entered into next month’s giveaway. Don’t win that one? You’ll be entered in the next.

In other words, the sooner you grab your copy of the book, the more changes you have to win.


Buy it Now:        Full-Color PDF*         Kindle (.mobi)         Nook (.ePub)         Paperback**

Finally, a few housekeeping items:

1. Last month’s prize was a free tour from Walks of Italy. The winner? Alyssa Ward. (Congrats!)

2. Looking for the official rules? Full official rules are available here. The gist is this: You’ll need to be of age in whatever country/state/region you live in (in most cases, this means 18 and up). Only residents of certain countries (including the US and many European countries) can enter. You can only enter once. You’re automatically entered when you buy a copy of the book through the site and you can also enter by emailing me your book retailer receipt, or mailing in an entry form. No purchase is required (though I certainly hope you’ll buy the book and enter that way, since that is how I afford to eat and stuff).

Congratulations to this month’s winner: Michelle Wilson!

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