Travel Like a Local…To Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, & Their Surroundings

Sep 19, 2016    /    ask a local, my location-independent career

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Drumroll, please.

After many months of interview gathering and editing and fact-checking, I’m thrilled to announce that the second of my regional guides to the American west is finally finished and ready to buy!

This guide, which is part of my 100 Locals series, features Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, and the areas around them. Inside, you’ll find out how to:

:: Find a hidden-away brick patio where you can quietly enjoy a wine flight and the best tomato basil soup of your life

:: Cycle for miles along a creek through central Denver

:: Ride a mechanical bull

:: Take a brewery tour…by bicycle

:: And so much more.

Not familiar with my guides? The basic concept is this: the best travel recommendations come from locals. They know where to find the best pizzeria, the cutest tea shop, the quietest hiking trail, and that off-the-beaten-track art gallery that the other tourists pass blindly by. And so the book is a collection of interviews with real locals giving you the real insider scoop on their cities.

As usual, to celebrate the launch of a new guide, this week only, it’s on sale! Grab a PDF or Kindle version for just $6.99 using the pink buttons below or nab a print copy for just $8.99:

Buy it Now:        Full-Color PDF         Kindle (.mobi)         Paperback

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