Travel + Inspirational Link Round-Up, October

by gigigriffis

Photo: Sheep moon.

This autumn, I’ve started a new routine. I wake up around 7 a.m. and I take a walk (weather permitting) while listening to a podcast episode or two. It is one of the best habits I’ve ever added to my life. By the time I’m back and working, my mind is whirring with ideas and my body is awake and stretched.

I thought those podcasts might be a good way to kick off this month’s link round up: So, what podcasts am I listening to? Two favorites: Freakonomics and The Lively Show.

:: Find out what a bunch of smart people are doing to bring literacy to children around the world—and how you can help. This idea takes my breath away. I made a donation; will you join me?

:: While you’re reading this, I’m packing my bags for France. This pastry shop is on this visit’s must-try list.

:: As you know, a lot of my travel is flexible. Flexible in destination (my usual requirements being things like “somewhere warm” or “somewhere with mountains” or “a small town in Bavaria”) and flexible in dates. This is why I love the new(ish) flight search engine Adioso, which lets me search in a more general way (and, thus, find kick-ass prices).

:: Another favorite travel search tool? Rome2Rio, which allows me to compare price and timing on travel by bus, train, plane, or boat. (Even if you’re definitely flying, this is a great way to factor in the transport to and from airports.)

:: Working across time zones? I use this site to keep myself from going insane when juggling time zones.

:: Speaking of work: The scary thing about digital publishing.

:: My best friend recommended this free tool, which she uses to track her running distances and altitude climbs. It works well for hiking, too.

:: So, you want to be a travel writer? Here’s a list of publications that pay.

:: Let’s run away and live in a castle in France, you guys.

:: I did another 5-minute Q&A video. This time I tackle questions about vetting apartment rentals and riding Swiss trains.

:: Unrelated, but fascinating: My favorite read in August was Orange is the New Black. This made me feel similarly horrified at the American justice system.

Old posts that tackle some common travel concerns:

:: Hey Solo Traveler Girl, Don’t You Ever Get Lonely?

:: How to Make a Temporary House Feel Like Home

:: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Traveling With a Dog

I’d also like to take the opportunity in these monthly wrap-up posts to ask you guys a question or two. Game to share your opinions (they help me make the blog, books, and other offerings ever-better)?

Here’s the first poll (please leave your answer in the comments):

Is there anything you really wish guidebooks would cover, but they never seem to?

My own answers? What to eat (not just where), which tourist things are worth seeing (vs. which are not worth facing the crowds and lines and admission prices), where I can go to see something most tourists will never see, and how can I better fit into a culture right away.

These things are super important to me, which is why they’re a core part of my books.

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Neens Bea October 26, 2014 - 1:48 pm

Thanks for the link to the time zone map, that’s super handy! I use to convert times (sometimes you don’t know where your client is, just the name of the time zone). If you know where they are, you can just type the place name + time into Google – that’s a great feature! :-)


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