Travel + inspirational link round-up, October

by gigigriffis
Ainazi Latvia

Happy almost-Halloween! How was everyone’s October? I’m still in the north and loving it. I had no idea that I would adore Estonia and the rest of the Baltics as much as I do. The nature is stunning and spooky in the best way. The vibe is relaxed. The food is great and draws inspiration from the earth. If the Baltics aren’t on your travel radar, might be time to think about them. 

And now, links!

(Psst, this post may contain affiliate links, which means if you purchase something through one of my links, I get a commission at no extra cost to you.)

:: Speaking of how enamored I am with the Baltic landscape: Here’s a cool documentary on the wilds of Estonia and Latvia.

:: Along those same lines, I love this fox so much.

:: For those traveling to Portugal: a guide to Lisbon’s cafes.

:: We’ve been thinking about winter travel plans. Places currently on our maybe-visit list for early 2020 include Ticino, Santorini, and Como. If you were picking one, which one would you pick?

:: World mental health day was earlier this month. Did you know that I have OCD? Here’s a thing I wrote about it

:: Unrelated: Cat just wants some space

:: My favorite book I’ve read this month: An Ember in the Ashes.

:: If you haven’t already seen it, the documentary Hail Satan is streaming on Hulu. It is not at all what you think, and it’s incredibly thoughtfully done.

:: And what incredible talent:

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