Travel + Inspirational Link Round-Up, November

by gigigriffis

Photo: Biarritz, France

It’s time for my monthly link round-up again. While you’re reading this, I’m in Paris stuffing my face with eclairs. I hope you all have some amazing travel plans of your own to look forward to this winter.

And now, links:

:: I did a little interview and gave away some of my favorite local secrets for 10 popular European cities. Love the resulting article.

:: I also did an interview for the Daily Travel Podcast. Want to hear me tell my story live? Here’s your chance.

:: When I’m feeling a little lost, I go re-watch this Alan Watts lecture and remind myself that there’s logic in pursuing our passions.

:: Speaking of passion: Here’s how you can find yours.

:: Love this –> “Over time this dream has become a little less about travel and little more about freedom.”

:: I also love #1 on this list of creative rituals.

:: Finally, here’s a link to my all-time favorite Modern Love essay. (Also, her book is amazing.)

In case you missed them…old posts that still move me:

:: How Solo Travel Taught Me to Love Myself

:: What You Want Is Good Enough

:: Why I’m Grateful For Even The Tough Stuff

Monthly poll question: What times of year do you do most of your traveling?

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