Travel + Inspirational Link Round-Up, November Edition

by gigigriffis

Photo of Bruges, Belgium, by Jacob Surland,

I’ll be honest, this last month in Vancouver has been long and painful. They weren’t kidding when they said the rain moves in in October and doesn’t move back out. Which is really bad news for those who love sunshine and really really bad news for those who struggle with seasonal depression. And so November was a long slog, each day gray as the last. We stayed indoors and got things done. I read and wrote and watched whole seasons of TV shows. I made bone broth and homemade pizzas. And every day I was counting down the minutes until we leave for sunnier pastures. Thankfully, not many minutes left. Just a few more days…a few more days…until we’re off to Italy.

Enough of my discontent with gray rainy winters, though. Here are some of the best things I’ve found online lately:

:: What It’s Really Like to Eat in a Three-Michelin-Starred Restaurant

:: My Life as a Remote Year Guinea Pig.

:: Where to hang out in Berlin, Germany.

:: 5 Black-Owned Travel Groups You Should Know About

:: You know how much I love it when people share their budgets: How Much We Spent Traveling in Central America.

:: Another couple we know did a Eastern Canada to Vancouver road trip last summer and they made a kick-ass video of it.

:: In case you missed my excitement about it: we’re leaving for Europe soon. Here’s one place we’re seriously considering spending the spring.

:: Love the world? Love dancing? I’ve got something for you.

:: Finally: Dog travel pet peeves. Seriously.

And, in case you missed them here on the blog:

:: Logistics, Baby: Road Tripping Across the Country with a Boyfriend, a Dog, & a Freelance Job

:: Snapshots from a Winter in Rome

:: How Much Do Digital Nomads Spend Per Month?

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