Travel + Inspirational Link Round-Up, May Edition

by gigigriffis

May. A month that passed so quickly and was so full. We started our epic cross-country road trip and made it all the way to the East Coast, where we’re currently preparing to make our way north to Canada. Next adventure: driving back across Canada all the way to Vancouver.

What have you been up to this May?

And, now, to the links:

:: Eastern Europe is fast climbing my Must Visit Soon list because of places like this and this.

:: How to eat cheaply in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland (& be healthy, to boot)

:: In case you missed it before, I started a food blog.

:: Starting your own food blog? Find out how much you have to adapt an online recipe in order to reuse it.

:: Hey cyclist friends, let’s all go to Norway.

:: Let’s all stargaze, too.

:: This makes me want to go to Japan.

:: Solo traveling woman? Here’s something really really wonderful for you.

:: How to Find Hand-Whipped Hot Chocolate in Bayonne, France.

:: In the midst of all the hard things going on, sometimes we just need a reminder that humans can be really, really kind.

:: Finally, if you’re a writer, this will sound really, really familiar.

And, in case you missed them here on the blog:

:: Romance on the Road: On Being Chased Around the World

:: How Much Does It Cost to Spend a Month in Flagstaff, Arizona?

:: How to Travel for Seven Years & Sell 2,000 Books With Aniko Villalba

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1 comment

Montecristo Travels (Sonja) May 29, 2016 - 6:09 pm

What am I up to?? planning for your visit!! LOL I can’t wait to pick your brain on the pet friendly bits! Can’t wait Gigi!! Can NOT wait!! See you, Luna and Chad soon!


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