Travel & Inspirational Link Round-Up, March Edition

by gigigriffis

Glamping huts at Camping Bled, Slovenia.

Well, hello from Croatia! As you may already know, after the last link round-up, Chad and I packed up for a lengthy journey from Rome to Venice, Venice to Villach, Austria (where we discovered our new favorite chocolate), Villach to Zagreb (for 48 hours of wandering cute streets, eating amazing $5 sushi, and resting between train journeys and flights), and then Zagreb to Dubrovnik where we’re now spending two months watching the weather turn warm and the trees start to bloom as we explore.

Now, to the links!

:: I love reading about other people’s financials, be they budgets for travel or real earnings from businesses. Which is why this post linking out to dozens of income reports kept me busy for hours.

:: A happy story: I Met My Husband on Twitter.

:: Don’t want kids? This will make you chuckle.

:: Airbnb for luxury travelers.

:: Speaking of luxury, this converted factory looks like a pretty spiffy place to live.

:: Our current home sweet home.

:: Our maybe future home sweet home.

:: Sadly, by the time you see this, it’ll probably be worse: I’ll Never Bring My Phone on an International Flight Again. And Neither Should You.

(And for those who responded “who cares?” the answer is that we all should. It’s not about having something to hide; it’s about not wanting someone who does not know or care about you going through things like personal medical information or interpreting jokes with your friends or family to mean something they don’t. A comment Chad made to his brother about Canada being beautiful was interpreted by one border guard to mean that he wanted to move to Canada—and they almost didn’t let us in, even though “Canada is beautiful” means nothing of the sort.)

:: Speaking of borders being shitty, here’s another tale of a long-term traveler being detained, arrested, and banned from the UK. Gap-yearers and other long-term travelers beware.

:: Finally, in case you ever wondered, this is why Americans refrigerate eggs and Europeans don’t.

Now, in case you missed them on the blog:

:: Can You Travel the World Full-Time & Still Be a Responsible Adult?

:: How Fast Do Digital Nomads Travel?

:: Books for Travel-Lovers, Literature Buffs, & Magical Thinkers

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Laurie Mitchell March 26, 2017 - 12:07 pm

So honored to be in your link round-up post, although I wish it was for a more positive post. Whatever, if it saves innocent folks like us from trying to visit the UK only to be mistreated and basically robbed at the border for being a tourist, that’s a good thing :) So great to meet you and Luna last week and I look forward to our next meeting!

gigigriffis March 27, 2017 - 8:53 am

Agreed on all counts!


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