Travel + Inspirational Link Round-Up, March

by gigigriffis

Good morning, friends. As you’re reading this, I’m completing my third month in Arizona. It’s been a relief to stay put for awhile, to focus on health, to hike the Grand Canyon, to explore famously pretty Sedona. And, in a wonderful twist of fate, I’m not doing those things alone anymore. It’s been a pretty wonderful month.

But enough gushing, you’ll want links.

This month’s interesting internet finds:

:: One nomad’s cost of full-time travel in 2015.

:: Italy’s Cinque Terre is too crowded…and they’re trying to solve the problem.

:: Speaking of Italy, here’s a cool idea: why not walk across part of it?

:: Have you read Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven yet? It’s one of the books from last year’s reading list that is really sticking with me.

:: Unrelated, but important: Have children? Don’t have children? Let’s all agree to stop being shitty about each other’s life choices.

:: So so so important:
“The men who follow me home. The men whose hands slip up the back of my skirt as I squeeze by for a seat on the bus. The men who wave their limp, rubbery genitalia at me in broad daylight. The men who have said they loved me and also raised a hand to me.

They do it, the world still seems to think (despite so. many. articles. like this.) not because we have told them all their lives that my body is their property and my attention their right, but because I have smiled or dressed or walked or existed in a way that gave them the green light.

Never mind the fact that talking, smiling, and existing in a passive, polite, and permissive way has actually saved me.”

:: Interesting: Writing lessons from a best-seller.

:: Finally, for the foodies among us, I’ve been doing more dinner parties since I’m staying put in Arizona for awhile. Here’s one of my favorite new dishes.

Now, some old good stuff right here on the blog:

:: The Dark Side of Solo Travel

:: How Do Travel Bloggers Make Money?

:: Ask a Local: What Should I Do/See/Eat in New York City?

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