Travel + inspirational link round-up, June 2019

Jun 30, 2019    /    things i like

Happy summer, friends! How was your June? What did you get up to?

Here, we’ve been settled in a small Swiss village taking lots of bike rides through rural landscapes, hikes in the Alps, and day trips to places like Morges and Gimmelwald. Have I mentioned how much I love Switzerland? It never disappoints.

But enough about my favorite places. Here are the most interesting things I’ve found online lately:

:: Budget time! Here’s how much a friend of mine spent on her US road trip.

:: Welp, here’s the cutest story on the internet this month.

:: Or maybe it’s this one.

:: And here’s the latest addition to my bucket list

:: A beautiful description of Greece.

:: Should you start a travel blog? My most successful blogger friend says no.

:: For those who love weird history as much as I do, may I present my current podcast obsession?

:: Unrelated: A good reminder.

:: Wondering what we’re up to this July? Here’s a hint

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  • Sonja
    June 30, 2019

    not starting a travel blog … such a good article.

    • gigigriffis
      July 2, 2019

      Yeah. I thought it was super interesting.

  • Ali
    July 1, 2019

    Thanks for linking to me!
    Ali recently posted…I Don’t Really Want You to Start a Travel BlogMy Profile

    • gigigriffis
      July 2, 2019

      Of course!

  • JD
    July 4, 2019

    Looks like Alsace for you this summer? Such a beautiful part of France! Will there not be hordes of tourists there that time of year? I never travel in summer but am spending a couple months in SW France this year to test the waters.

    I have a question about biking in Switzerland. You’ve inspired me to try it in October. Do you travel with your own bike or do you rent them? Is it markedly more expensive there? Being Switzerland, I imagine exorbitant prices for everything. If you’ve posted about it already, please let me know and I will search for the post. Thanks!

    • gigigriffis
      July 4, 2019

      Hey! Yes, it’ll probably be fairly touristy when we’re there. Normally we try to vacation in the fall, but this year a combination of factors came together to make that less doable, so settling for a summertime jaunt and more tourists. :)

      Re: bikes – we travel with our folding bicycles, so for small cycle trips/cycling around town, those work well. For my distance cycling, I actually bought a used bike in Switzerland. It’s been a few years, but I think it was maybe $200 or $300? It wasn’t a real touring bike, but I was okay doing my tour on a slower timescale, so that was fine for me.

      I’d guess rentals are pretty pricey, so if you’re going to spend some serious time here cycling, I’d probably either bring your bike with you or buy a used one here.

      • JD
        July 4, 2019

        Thank you. Enjoy your trip to Alsace. By coincidence I’ve just read that France is the #1 tourist destination in the world. It’s definitely one of my favorites but, based on size alone, it surprised me that even more visitors go there than the geographically much larger USA. I’m counting on the Midi-Pyrenees being less saturated this summer than Paris or Provence but here’s hoping we don’t regret our decision! Will look forward to your post on it. Thanks again for your advice re; bikes in Switzerland.

  • Renee
    July 6, 2019

    Could you do a post about laptops and camera options/suggestions ? So many choices out there. I enjoy your posts. Always inspiring! Thank you

    • gigigriffis
      July 6, 2019

      I can tell you that I really like my Sony a6000 mirrorless camera. It’s lightweight and takes great photos.

      I don’t have a computer recommendation at this time, but I actually have been reaching out to computer companies about testing some other brands. We’ll see if they respond at some point.

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