Travel + inspirational link round-up, July 2019

Jul 28, 2019    /    things i like

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Helloooo, internet friends. Ça va? (How are you?) All is well here after a month spent bouncing between Switzerland (where we’re still based for a bit) and France (for vacation). If you looked for me this month, you would have found me in Paris, Alsace, Thun, and the Bernese Oberland

In between all that, of course, there was some internet browsing. Here’s the best of what I found (or wrote).

:: Are dogs allowed in restaurants in Europe?

:: Cuteness alert: This is what cows look like when you blow-dry them.

:: And now, to the funniest video I’ve seen in ages:

:: I’ve been working on my travel wish-list lately. Bergen is most definitely on the list. 

:: Doing a lot of hiking lately? Here are my absolute favorite hiking shoes (well, technically they’re trail running shoes, but I use them for hiking.)

:: Also for hikers: Here’s the dog backpack I’ve been carrying for Luna. I’ll do a full review soon, but in short: I’m a fan.

:: Did I mention that you should buy my friend’s domestic suspense novel? It’s really good.

:: Andddd, let’s end with some incredible moves:

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