Travel + Inspirational Link Round-Up, December Edition

by gigigriffis

Photo credit: Kranj, Slovenia.

Ah, December. The close of the old, a time for reflection, the last few moments before a new year is ushered in.

This month, as you may already know, Chad, Luna, and I have been on vacation in Sicily, seeking out some of the world’s greatest pastries, wandering the cobblestone alleyways, and hiking up volcanoes. I’m still away from the computer, but will be sharing more about our month in far-southern Italy soon.

In the meantime, here are some really wonderful things I found online before I left for vacation:

:: Most adorable traveler proposal ever.

:: I’ve been reading a lot of things by and about restaurant critics this year and I’m utterly fascinated. Anyone want to offer me a critic gig while I’m in Italy? I promise I’ll eat all the pasta (let’s be honest: I’m already eating all the pasta without the gig).

:: Speaking of restaurant critics, here’s a sad piece on how they’re disappearing…and why it matters.

:: This is so great: a site that lets you search for destinations based on climate.

:: Just started freelancing? Figuring out how to figure out your schedule? Here’s something handy.

:: Well said: Where the Hell Should I Travel in Europe?

:: Speaking of Europe, FINALLY, a European must-visit list with a bunch of actually unknown spots!

:: Thinking about becoming a digital nomad? Here’s some practical advice.

:: The history of fish sauce.

:: Going to Denver? My friend Holly just put her lovely apartment (where I lived for a little while way back when) on Airbnb. If you’re renting on Airbnb for the first time, would you sign up with my referral link? If you do, we both get a credit from Airbnb for our next trip!

And, in case you missed them here on the blog:

:: How Much Do Digital Nomads Spend Per Month?

:: The Weird, Wonderful Tale of the Whistler Train Wreck

:: What Should I Do/See/Eat in Nice, France?

What have you been up to this December?

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Thanks for the shout out!! :)

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