Travel + inspirational link round-up, December edition

by gigigriffis

Happy holidays, friends who celebrate! How was everyone’s December? Here, I’ve been revising my novel at a ferocious pace, visiting Christmas markets (because Europe), and sneaking away from my book for the occasional day trip with Chad.

I haven’t been doing much by the way of internet browsing, but here are a handful of very delightful things I found online recently.

:: “Fun can be had just for the sake of fun.” Damn straight.

:: This video brought me so much joy. Watching it was like setting off to travel all over again.

:: Check out one famous foodie’s tips for eating out in Paris.

:: Currently on my to-visit list: San Marino.

:: Best ad campaign ever? You decide:

:: This is the cutest.

:: The people being harmed in Medieval manuscripts are always so calm about it. 

Annndddd, that’s a wrap. Happy almost-new year, friends!

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