Travel + Inspirational Link Round-Up, December

by gigigriffis

Photo: My friend Natalia modeling my France book.

Happy holidays, friends. While you’re reading this, I’m wrapping up my final month in Colombia. I’ll be honest: This is my least favorite place I’ve ever visited and you couldn’t pay me enough to come back here. I find the aggressive dogs of Guatape stressful. I don’t like how dirty things are. The harassment and attitude toward women is one of the worst I’ve ever encountered. And the food is awful. I’m really looking forward to getting out of Medellin and to Arizona in a few days.

Unrelated: I’m deep in the editing stage of my New York City guide…watch for a launch announcement soon! And as I’m getting ready to wrap up New York, I’m starting to look for great interviewees for my upcoming Colorado and Arizona guide. Are you (or do you know) someone who lives in and loves Colorado or Arizona? Would you be willing to share your insider tips with us all via an interview for the book? If so, please get in touch!

But enough on that for now. Let’s talk links:

:: Let’s start with something important: “I Was Never One for History.”

:: Being currently in Colombia, I found this story really interesting: “I grew up in Pablo Escobar’s Colombia. Here’s what it was really like.”

:: Love this: Stop telling women what is and isn’t brave.

:: I finally got around to reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed. I can see why people like it.

:: Important: Everything Doesn’t Happen for a Reason.

:: “I got typhoid. Then dengue fever. Here’s what it taught me about my love of travel.”

:: Here’s a thing I wrote about the pros and cons of solo female nomadic life.

:: Did you know that I don’t own a phone? Yep, I’ve been totally phone-free for over two years. Here’s one reason why.

:: And, that’s adorable.

:: Let’s end with the best prank ever.

And, some older relevant posts:

:: Why I’m Grateful for Even the Tough Stuff

:: Notes From a Beautiful, Difficult Life

:: Real Change Takes Time

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1 comment

Melissa Paul Milcetic December 30, 2015 - 6:01 am

Really love this link list, particularly the links to the post on cellphone usage (which I needed to see again) as well as WILD, by Cheryl Strayed. That book was a fun read, but also a great book on strength of character, the need to do something just for ourselves, and willingness to let go of expectations and just BE in the moment.


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