Travel + Inspirational Link Round-Up, August

by gigigriffis

Photo: Under the castle in Ljubljana.

Welcome back to the monthly link extravaganza. While you’re reading this, I’m officially starting my first vacation in two years (!), cycling across France with Luna. Blog posts are pre-scheduled (so you’ll still get your twice weekly fix, mostly on the topic of my summer in Slovenia), but you can also keep up with us in real time on Instagram and Facebook, where I’m sure I’ll be posting at least occasionally throughout the ride.

Also, if you aren’t already, this would be a good time to get on the email list. I won’t be posting blog posts on social media as much, so if you want to make sure you don’t miss any, your best bet is to get these twice-weekly blog posts in your inbox.

Anyway, links:

:: First, something important: I’m a Child of Incest–And I Won’t Let It Define Me

:: Looking for reading material? This travel memoir is unlike any I’ve read before.

:: A good reminder: simple rules for a remarkable life.

:: On a sadder note, here’s more photography…on the consequences of overpopulation.

:: When was the last time you were truly alone?

:: How to be a better journalist.

:: America, explained to non-Americans.

:: Check out these hauntingly beautiful landscapes.

:: For the writers out there: some real talk about self-publishing.

:: Finally, here’s an interesting new take on car insurance: This company lets you pay by the mile instead of the month, so if you’re traveling or choosing to bike your life just got cheaper.

And, finally, I’ll wrap this up as usual: with some kick-ass posts you might have missed:

:: France: 100 Locals Tell You Where to Go, What to Eat, & How to Fit In – Now Available!

:: Ask a Local: What Should I Do/See/Eat In Barcelona, Spain?

:: The Not-As-Sexy-As-You-Think Story of How I Make My Living As a Writer

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