Travel + inspirational link round-up, August edition

by gigigriffis
Welcome back, friends! How was everyone’s summer? In August, we moved to Estonia, where I’ve found the capital city of Tallinn to be a pleasant surprise full of cool coffee shops, nice parks, and very cool, autumnal weather. 

And before we get into this month’s travel and inspirational links, I’m happy to say that this link round-up is sponsored by, where you can find, compare, and book buses, trains, and boats to get you from point A to point B.

Bookaway.comThey currently work in 30 countries (with a particular focus on Southeast Asia), and the big benefit here is that they bridge the gap between local suppliers and world travelers. (If you’ve ever had trouble finding a good bus option online and then gotten to a destination and found out there were like 10 good options and they just didn’t have websites, you know what I mean.)

They offer over 2,000 routes and a 24/7 support team that works closely with the local transport companies.

If you love this blog and my travel advice has improved your life, I encourage you to check out sponsors like Bookaway. I only take on sponsors when I think they’re doing something cool and relevant, and by checking them out, you’re helping me keep this site going. Win-win-win. 

And now that you’ve got your Asian bus, train, and boat travel covered, onto the links:

:: Thinking about letting your kid travel solo on an international flight? Here’s my BFF’s take on their oldest kid’s first solo international flight.

:: Currently on the bucket list: Walensee.

:: You know how much I love travel budgets, right? Here’s one couple’s real spending in Bologna, Italy

:: Going to Paris? Here’s how to find authentic croissants.

:: Speaking of food, I wish I learned this knife-sharpening trick seven years ago when I first hit the road full-time. How incredibly handy.

:: Annnndd this is the funniest thing on the internet at the moment.

:: Excuse me while I put this video of kittens learning to walk on repeat.

:: Did I mention that I really like Tallinn? Normally I’m not a city person, but I’ve been so pleasantly surprised by how great this place is. Here’s a cool little video of the city.

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