Travel + Inspirational Link Round-Up, November Edition

by gigigriffis

Happy November, friends! How was your month? Here it was an interesting one. Chad was in Asia taking care of some business while Luna and I cozied up on the hill above Zagreb alternately hiking the nearby trails and zipping down into town for Asian food and exploration.

Of all the non-schengen countries, Croatia is probably my favorite (so far), but I am itching to get back into the schengen for Christmas Markets and snowy Swiss mornings soon.

As usual, I also spent some time browsing the interwebs. Here’s some of the most interesting stuff I’ve read recently:

:: Looking for a remote job? This newsletter looks rather promising.

:: Ever wonder how they get Grizzly-proof trash cans?

:: Advice for reaching your big outdoorsy goals, even if you have kids

:: I’m saving this article on how to outfit a minimalist kitchen from scratch since Chad and I are looking for a home base in the near future.

:: Being six is so hard…

:: Buying something on Amazon for Christmas? If you use this link, I get a commission and it doesn’t cost you a cent more! If you love this blog, that’s one way to support me without spending any extra cash.

:: I’m contemplating a trip to Italy this winter. This is one of my top options.

:: Speaking of Italy, if you’re planning a trip, I’m a fan of Walks of Italy’s tours. And again if you book through my link, I get a little commission.

:: Finally, planning a holiday trip? If you’re using Airbnb for the first time, use this link and you and I both get a credit!


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Khatia Krebs November 30, 2018 - 8:46 am

Good Morning! I love (Love!) The Ramble – therefore everyone associated with your fun and zany Inspirational Stories. I attempted to go to the link on Amazon to purchase on Your Link in order for you to get $$$ Credit. Alas, the link does not work. But wait! I thought of another solution – do you have a Pay Pal account that I can send you something for your deeply appreciated emails? I am a Grandmother and know the importance of a few dollars coming in from unknown sources (like me!) for someone traveling the world (like you!).

gigigriffis November 30, 2018 - 9:10 am

Sorry the Amazon link didn’t work for you! Thanks for your kind words. You can always PayPal me at :)


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