Travel + Inspirational Link Round Up, May Edition

May 27, 2018    /    things i like

Happy almost-true-summer, friends! What have you been up to this May? Personally, I’ve mostly been running around attending conferences (this was literally half my month and I’m still in the midst of it as you’re reading this) and planning for our upcoming travels (squee!).

And now, links for you!

:: YES –> Rent Your Dreams Before You Buy Them

:: This piece about changing your relationship with money and living a simpler life is lovely.
“The real epiphanies come from detaching from the life you’ve always been living, to see things with different eyes, to meet people who don’t have a fancy job or fancy house and are smiling and laughing every day, far more than you have in the last ten years. To be able to feel completely happy just reading a book or listening to some music or taking a walk. Things like that open your eyes.”

:: This heart-wrenching podcast about a missing girl is well worth a listen.

:: Hilarious and fabulous career advice from one of my closest friends:
“I think the bottom line is this: when your kids tell you they want to ‘play on the computer’ for their job when they grow up, you should probably tell them ‘Excellent plan! Go work on your coding.'”

:: Still relevant: We Don’t All Love the Same Places.

:: Speaking of love, no surprise here, but a 75-year study found that love is the greatest predictor of happiness.

:: There’s a series of posts flying around on Twitter about how many books (written by men) write hilariously terrible and unbelievable female characters. Here’s one particularly funny example. (And before you comment, no one is saying that all men are bad at lady characters; we’re just saying there are a *lot* of bad examples out there.)

:: So, you wanna be a writer? These 10 rules are gold no matter what you’re writing.

:: Finally, one of the funniest things I’ve seen online lately.

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