Travel & Inspirational Link Round-Up, June Edition

by gigigriffis
Ramen in Vancouver

Welcome back to my monthly link round-up!

How was your June? Chad, Luna, and I spent ours in Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina. A town we found serendipitously and accidentally during our travel research back in the wintertime. Now, we’re here for two months, settled into a comfortable three-bedroom with a view of tree-covered hills dotted with little clusters of houses.

For nature-lovers like us, it’s a pretty perfect place to spend two months working on projects and getting outside.

Enough about us, though. You’re here for this month’s most interesting online finds.

This month I’ve split them up into categories:

Inspiration and travel:

:: This is so freaking right on: Knowing When To Cut Your Losses

:: Trouble in Roman paradise (we noticed a lot of this when we were there this winter).

Money stuff!

:: A cool, unique, adventurous strategy for ditching debt.

:: People tend to think I’m losing money by being so mobile, but truth is that buying a house, particularly in the US, isn’t the deal you think it is.

:: I did a fun podcast interview on money mindset and full-time travel. If you’d like to skip the intro, fast-forward to minute 10.

Freelancing, entrepreneurship, and opportunities:

:: Lady copywriters: time to start charging more. There’s a 29% pay gap between male and female copywriters.

:: DIY writing retreat? Sounds productive and lovely.

:: My newest writing blog obsession is this one. You’d be surprised how much screenwriting advice applies to other forms of writing.


:: I’m currently reading somewhere between 8 and 11 books per month. This month, one of my favorites was Vicious by V.E. Schwab. If you’re into books where the line between hero and villain is blurred (think: American Gods), this one’s for you.

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