Travel + Inspirational Link Round-Up, June Edition

by gigigriffis

Happy summer, friends!

As you probably already know, in early June, Chad and I finally made in back to Europe – the place in the world where we feel the most at home. We spent our first month back in Rennes, a university town in central Brittany with decent bus and train connections to the charming small towns, castles, and seaside fortresses I wanted to visit.

In an unexpected turn early in the month, the summer project I’d taken on fell through at the very last second, which left me with enough business to get by but also a whole lot of free time. I took advantage. Instead of actively seeking new clients, I spent most of my time researching my novel on foot (it’s set in this part of France), resting from a busy (and somewhat stressful) spring, editing, and stuffing my face with all the French food I could find.

And, of course, in between all that, I was hanging out online a bit. Writing. Reading. And taking note of some of the most interesting stuff I came across so that I can share it here with you.

Without further ado, then…

:: First, yet another reason to love Europe.

:: If you’re a human who creates things (or hopes to someday create things) for other humans, this talk about inclusive content is very much worth watching. (If you’d like to skip the intro, the speaker enters at the two-minute mark.)

:: If you love abandoned places as much as I do, here are / a few / Instagram accounts / to follow

:: How much does it cost to travel in Poland? Here’s a report from one of my friends.

:: Did you know that you can stay overnight in some Japanese temples?

:: It’s not what you think: Should I Dump My Toxic Friend?

:: Speaking of friends, here’s an incredible story of showing up for a friend.

:: Reminder: it’s totally fine to rent and have roommates past 30.

:: Annnnddd, career truth bomb.

And now, to you: How was your June? What did you discover?

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Kim Mibram July 16, 2018 - 4:19 am

I just say that you are amazing and I am so impressed that you traveled alone and did all this! Soo impressive!!!

gigigriffis July 16, 2018 - 4:20 am

Thanks, Kim!


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