Travel + Inspirational Link Round-Up, August Edition

Aug 26, 2018    /    things i like

Hooray! It’s almost the end of August! Which means soon it’ll be time for cool autumnal weather, changing leaves, and, for us, long mountain hikes in Romania. We are looking forward to getting out of Prague and into a smaller city close to nature.

But enough about me. You came for links:

:: It’s no secret that I love fresh markets. Just in case you do too and are heading to Lisbon, here’s a list of nine to visit.

:: Love escape rooms? There’s apparently one located in a 1,000+-year-old Viking settlement.

:: Speaking of history…this is my new obsession.

:: Speaking of history again, here’s a readable historical novel about ancient Egypt.

:: We’re considering Serbia this fall. And this photo essay is encouraging.

:: How much does it cost to spend a week in Croatia and Montenegro?

:: I travel with a dog. This amazing lady lives her active life while caring for neonatal kittens.

:: On traveling to not-so-glamorous locations (and making it an adventure nonetheless)

:: Finally, someone in your life being an asshole? This is a pretty hilarious and harmless way to tell them off.


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  • safaritravelplus
    August 29, 2018

    Living life on your own terms can be really hard at times but it takes guts to do it. Love reading your travel stories.

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