This Week in Links: Dude, Where’s My Pigeon?

by gigigriffis

I lost my pigeon
Guys, I lost my pigeon. (A recurring joke in Ghent.)

This week online:

1. “After all, if you really believe you’ve got this amazing well-spring of love inside of you, so strong it has the capacity to change the world, what better way to demonstrate its power than to use it to tame the asshole?”

2. Want to get your tubes tied? Too bad, sucker.

3. Dog vs. fruit. Guess who wins?

4. A town without roads. Paradise, people.

I’m doing this week’s link wrap-up on Friday instead of Saturday because I feel like it. Also because you all seem to read more things during weekdays. So, thoughts…do you prefer your link wrap-ups on Fridays or Saturdays? If you don’t answer, I will assume you prefer them every day because they are awesome.

[UPDATE: Apparently the pigeons really are lost, people. Who knew? (P.S. You’ll need to translate that link from Dutch if you are a native English speaker. If your browser doesn’t give you the option, view it in Google Chrome. They will automatically ask about translation if you are browsing from a computer with U.S. English settings.)]

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