This Blog Entry is One Big Inappropriate Joke

Feb 13, 2012    /    stories & photos

I am glad I came to Belize, yes. However, there are a few drawbacks. The main one being the large amounts of garbage washed up on the so-called pristine beaches. There are diapers on the beach, people. Diapers.

On my first night here, I met two men staying at the adventure center/hostel place. The first attempted to seduce me while wearing a very small speedo, after which he retreated sadly to the bathroom with his computer to do mysterious things that none of us need to think about (and, yet, now we are all thinking about it. Also feeling awkward). The second was a fun, chilled-out hippie who had been, up until that night, traveling with a friend of his. Said friend, after a fight earlier in the day, however, had packed up her things and left–leaving Hippie Friend with $5 and his backpack and no way back to the airport.

Tonight he was supposed to come say goodbye to me at the hostel, but he never showed up. I expect that he has been hacked to bits while hitch hiking toward the airport. Okay, never mind. Let’s not put that out in the universe. Too far. Bad Gigi. Bad. First a┬ámasturbation┬ájoke and now a hitch hiker killer joke? Reel it in, honey.

I wear 50 SPF sunscreen and reapply every few hours. I still look like a tomato. (But apparently a very attractive tomato. See story above). FAIL.

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