The Sexy Manifesto

by gigigriffis

Okay, people. It’s time.

Time to stop thinking about whether we look beautiful and start asking whether we feel beautiful. Time to show our faces to the world. Time to speak up. Time to be brave.

Today, we stop listening to shame. We stop thinking we aren’t thin enough or pretty enough or tall enough or blonde enough or exotic enough. We stop thinking that sexy is the same as perfect. We stop thinking sexy has a type.

Because it doesn’t.

Sexy is strong and independent and wild. Sexy is shy and quiet and a great listener. Sexy is about how you feel.

It’s about being bravely, perfectly, outrageously you.

Today we embrace ourselves: histories, strengths, embrassements, failures, struggles, successes, flaws, and all.

Today we ask ourselves what makes us sexy today and who we want to become tomorrow.

And we choose to do two things:

To love ourselves as we are.


To take real action that gets us a step closer to who we want to be each day.

Because action is sexy. And self-love is sexy. And you? Damn, girl, you are sexy.

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Rebeca April 4, 2013 - 11:36 am

Thanks I needed that. Been feeling a bit down in the dumps lately and you really cant tell because as a mom I am so busy with my now 4 year old that it seems I barely have time to think before the next tantrum or song or whatever. Let alone not feel sexy but, I do although I have to admit the new hair due is pretty awesome and does make me feel better.

gigigriffis April 4, 2013 - 12:02 pm

You’re welcome. So glad it struck a chord.


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