13% of the World

Oct 20, 2011    /    stories & photos

I was taking inventory of my photos this week (and when I say taking inventory, holy crap do I mean it. There were something like 30 CDs of photos. And that's just after I got a digital camera), when I felt a sudden surge of satisfaction. Sometimes I forget...I've been...

Peace and Longing and Tea

May 25, 2008    /    stories & photos

When I was in Ireland, I drank a lot of tea.

I'm not sure why our brains make the associations that they do. I read a book in college that was supposed to explore the idea of scent-memory, taste-memory, etc. But I must not have paid attention. Or perhaps discarded it...

Half Naked Italians, Oh Bliss

Aug 12, 2007    /    stories & photos

Yesterday the makeup of our hostel changed entirely. The loud American group moved out (is it terrible of me to hate them a little and be embarrassed for my country?) and the sweet French boy hitched a ride onward and the hostel was quiet for the day.

As evening came on...

Please, Sweet Irish Person, Pick Me Up!

Aug 10, 2007    /    stories & photos

Out here I feel as though I have Ireland all to myself. In Dublin the main roads are still crawling with tourists and European students, but not county Meath. Not the little villages.

I walk to town in the mornings (I'm staying 2km outside of town. How's that for exercize?) and...

Supah Good Feeling

Aug 09, 2007    /    stories & photos

Yesterday I made it my goal to see the "real" Dublin--to get as far away from the tourists as possible. So I set off toward a tower I'd seen distantly to the north. I walked off the map and into what I was looking for. Green parks with irish...

Something to Write Home About

Aug 08, 2007    /    stories & photos

Hello from Ireland!

I landed in Dublin early yesterday and took the much overpriced airport bus to Lower Gardiner street--which is a long brick street of hostels, backpacker stays, and B&Bs. Past the smokers and the tourists and the teeny tiny cars I went to my hostel and slept for several...