My Unconventional Switzerland Guide Is Now Available & On Sale!

by gigigriffis

Well, friends, after long months of interviewing, editing, polishing, formatting, and pouring my heart into the thing, Switzerland: 100 Locals Tell You Where to Go, What to Hike, & How to Fit In is officially published!

And for this week only both the electronic and print versions are 20% off. 

You can buy your copy here (or use the lovely pink buttons below).

Not familiar with the books yet? Here’s the skinny:

Ever wish you had a best friend in Switzerland? Someone to show you the ropes?

Wish granted.

Filled with 100 interviews with people who live, work, and adventure in Switzerland, this book will give you:

  • Directions to hidden-away trails, waterfalls, castles, and viewpoints
  • Lists of must-try dishes and wines (and where to find them)
  • Unique and interesting day trip suggestions
  • Tips for how to make friends, save money, and fit in with the local culture
  • And so much more

It’s time to experience authentic, local Switzerland—through the eyes of those who have lived there for years.

Still on the fence? Here’s what a few readers had to say about past books:

“I love it. What to eat? Where to meet people? What to see & photograph. All things that matter to most people, especially solo travelers, and are not well addressed in other guidebooks.“ – Rob Philip

“She asks the eternal question of ‘what to do,’ sure. The difference is *who* she asks: clearly, the most delightful, enthusiastically interesting and deeply engaged people she has come across in her singularly extensive travels. They, predictably, have the raddest answers. They are niche answers. They are answers from people who really, really LOVE their particular slicelet of the country. And they are totally captivating. Loved it.” – Netterino on Amazon

“My method for evaluating guidebooks is to read about places I know well. There was a time when I spent a lot of time working in Genoa – I was there a week at a time about every third week for nine months. I got to know a number of locals. I can comfortably say the section on Genoa is absolutely accurate. Unlike a lot of guidebooks, Genoa isn’t over sold. There is excellent advice about how to visit towns in that area (some of these places are packed solid with people in the summer). They also mention towns that aren’t in guidebooks – places that locals go for vacation or the summer; alternatives to the guidebook itineraries.” – Daniel G. Lebryk on Amazon

“I wish every country had a guide like this!” – LouLouFrance on Amazon

Ready to nab your copy? Learn more about the book here or buy a copy by choosing a format with one of the pink buttons below:

Full-Color PDF*       Kindle (.mobi)       Paperback

* Unfortunately, Kindle and Nook formats do not support the full color formatting of the book. Images should appear in color, but backgrounds and some other formatting have been removed in the eBook versions. For full-color and formatting, choose the PDF version (which is viewable on most eReaders).

**Looking for Nook? Email me for purchasing details.

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Ali May 4, 2015 - 9:01 am

Yay! Congrats!

gigigriffis May 6, 2015 - 12:08 am


Neens Bea May 5, 2015 - 2:08 pm

Congratulations, Gigi! Unfortunately I have no travel plans myself at the moment, but I certainly know what to recommend to others who are off on adventures! :-)

gigigriffis May 6, 2015 - 12:08 am


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Anita May 11, 2015 - 1:18 pm

Congrats, Gigi! I been waiting for this book :). I want to get the paperback version and am wondering if it’s print is in color. On the order page it said black & white. Cheers!

gigigriffis May 11, 2015 - 1:52 pm

Hi Anita,

The cover is full color, but the interior is black and white (unfortunately, with self-publishing the cost of doing color interiors is astronomical). That said, the book really lends itself to black and white, as it doesn’t have photos in the book itself (though there are links to photos and a few maps throughout so you can view full color resources online).


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