Paris in Paperback (And 3 Big Prague Updates)

by gigigriffis

It’s been a whirlwind summer, you guys.

I’ve hiked to the top of Schilthorn, tasted the wines of Spiez, tackled copywriting projects and autumn travel planning, and now officially published three books.

And today the third book in that series—my lovely little local look at Paris—is available in paperback.

If you’ve been holding out for a copy you can hold in your hands, now’s the time to buy.

[Update: I now have a full France guide! That’s 100 interviews from all over France…and if you buy it here on the site, you get a copy of Paris for free. Grab yours now.]

(Already bought an electronic copy? Pop over to Amazon and leave me a review.)

And that’s not the only good news of the day.

I also have an official cover and a launch date for Prague: 10 Locals Tell You Where to Go, What to Eat, and How to Fit In

Here’s the brand new, beautiful cover:

Prague: 10 Locals Tell You Where to Go...

And the launch date?

September 25, 2014.

Can’t wait to get your copy? For the first time ever, you can actually pre-order one of my books (in PDF, Kindle, or Nook)—and you’ll save $2 on the list price if you do. Choose a format using the buttons below and you will be one of the first people to see the book when it’s ready (usually, my books are finished the week before they launch and if that’s the case, you’ll get yours early!).

Sound good?

Pre-Order Now:

Full-Color PDF*       Kindle (.mobi)       Nook (.ePub)

Finally, whether you pre-order or not, you’ll want to stop by here at when the book comes out on September 25 because I’ll be celebrating this fourth book launch by giving away a free tour with Eating Prague. No purchase will be necessary and the giveaway will start first thing on September 25. (Want to make sure you don’t miss out? Join my mailing list.)

In other words: it’s a crazy, beautiful, big month here, people (which is fitting, since it’s the month I turn 30). I hope you’re as excited as I am.

Curious about 100 Locals? Check out my other books.

Need more info on Prague? Visit the book page.

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