Other Stuff I Wrote This Month, March 2013

by gigigriffis

Welcome back to my monthly article roundup, wherein I share all the other travel or doing-business-from-the-road or inspirational type stuff I’ve been writing around the web.

My Dog Outlasted All My Romantic Relationships @ Dogster
Q. What happens when a commitment-phobe adopts a puppy?
A. Something beautiful.

What to do when your client hates the work @ Content for Do-Gooders
“Just because a client is sending you emotionally charged emails or using always-never-love-hate language doesn’t mean the situation is dire. Sometimes it is one simple phrase that triggered the emotional reaction. Sometimes the client just needs for you to connect the dots—how did you get from the strategy to the written copy. Sometimes the client is just having a bad day.”

The Beginner’s Guide to Flying Internationally With Your Dog @ Dogster
“When I first let my lease expire, sold my things, and took off around the world to travel with my Yorkie-Schnauzer mix, Luna, I was exhilarated yet overwhelmed. I knew I would love having her with me. I knew that a lifestyle of travel was something I desperately wanted. And, of course, I worried about every little detail.”

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