One Week of Full-Time Travel With a Business and a Dog

by gigigriffis

I’m just back from a much-needed weekend away in charming Breckenridge—home of awe-inspiring Rocky Mountain views, quirky pizzerias, and one superbly dusty dog park that had Luna coated in a thin film of drool and dirt. Mmm.

Anyway, more on that tomorrow. Today, I’d like to point your attention to The Professional Hobo, where I wrote about the day-to-day realities of my full-time travel. If you’re curious about the details (when do I work? How does it feel to leave a place after settling in? Etc.), you should head on over and check it out.

UPDATE: Speaking of full-time travel, I also have an article up at Matador Network today. It’s a pep talk on breaking free, following your dreams, becoming a writer, and traveling. Need a shot of inspiration? There you have it.

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Roommate #1 October 22, 2012 - 3:06 pm

I sense the makings of a ski bum in you. ;)

gigigriffis October 22, 2012 - 3:08 pm

Could be!


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