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Gigi Griffis

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I love talking about travel, entrepreneurship, writing, and mental illness—whether on paper or on stage. Contact me here to talk about your project.

I’m especially good at talking about…

– Simple ways to set yourself up for an authentic local experience in Italy, Switzerland, and around the world
– How to build a business you can travel with
– My personal journey to an unconventional life
– How to stay stylish while living out of a bag
Budgeting for slow, local-centric travel
– The unexpected joys and challenges of traveling with a dog

Media bio

Gigi Griffis is a world-traveling entrepreneur and writer with a special love for inspiring stories, new places, and living in the moment. In May 2012, she sold her stuff and took to the road with a growing business and a pint-sized pooch. These days, she’s traveling around Europe, working on her next book, and hiking like it’s going out of style.

Gigi’s work has been featured at Get Lost Magazine, Married With Luggage, Miss Minimalist, International Living, Transitions Abroad, Tiny Buddha, Fodor’s Guidebooks, and more. She’s been translated into Italian and Estonian along the way. And her travel guides consistently hit top-100 and top-10 lists on sites like Amazon.com.

Get your weekly dose of travel, humor, how-tos, and inspiration at gigigriffis.com.

Previously featured in…

New York Times     International New York Times (International Herald Tribune)
    EPoP-Logo-300x300 I Want Her Job (.com)    


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