Going to Phoenix or Tucson? I Made Something for You.

by gigigriffis

If you have been reading around her for awhile, you already know that one of my main projects for the last few years has been a series of guidebooks called 100 Locals.

The idea is that the best travel experiences—you know the ones, the hidden gems, basement speakeasy bars, never-seen-a-tourist hiking trails—often come from the recommendations of locals.

At least, that’s how it has gone in my own life. From the best schnitzel I’ve ever had in Vienna, Austria, to the weird, unique ice cream I tried in Winnipeg, Canada, to that amazing abandoned fortress that myself and my friend Ivan had all to ourselves in Croatia…every single one of these things was introduced to me by a local.

So I asked myself: for those of us who don’t have a local friend to show us around, how do we get those amazing experiences? And the answer I came up with was these books, which are collections of interviews with interesting locals around the world.

I’ve published seven guides so far and today I’m pleased to announce my eighth guide and the first guide that covers a region rather than a city or a whole country: Phoenix & Tucson!

In the guide, you’ll find interviews with 10 (actually 11, as I couldn’t resist adding another) different people who live in and around Phoenix and Tucson and who have some interesting suggestions about what you should do, see, hike, and eat while in their cities.

As usual, to celebrate the launch, for one week only the guide will be on sale in PDF, Kindle, or Nook for just $7.99 and print for just $8.99. That’s 20% off on electronic versions and 10% off on print here on the blog this week.

Ready to grab yours? Just click on the pink buttons below to pick your format and place your order.

Buy it Now:        Full-Color PDF         Kindle (.mobi)         Paperback

P.S. If you’ve been around for awhile, you’ll notice a new cover design. Love it? Hate it? Tell me in the comments!

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