All Your Germany Questions Answered

by gigigriffis

Freiburg, Germany

Time to tackle the Germany questions you’ve been emailing. Ready. Set. Answered:

How did you like your flat?
It was, hands down, one of the top two most amazing places I’ve stayed in Europe (with the other clear winner being a room in Riomaggiore with a balcony that overlooked the whole town). The views from my balcony were completely breathtaking. And the flat itself was comfortable and full of artsy, quirky charm.

How’s the weather?
Freiburg is Germany’s sunniest town, but it’s also often delightfully cool in the mornings and evenings and gets some really lovely rainstorms in the evenings sometimes.

You’re hiking in the Black Forest alone? Is that safe?
Well, the trails are well marked and I frequently came upon other walkers, bikers and runners. But, for additional safety on days that I was planning to go deeper into the forest (more than an hour in), I emailed a friend to let her know what I was doing and told her I’d email her again when I got back.

What’s next?
It’s time for a return to one of my all-time favorite countries: Switzerland! Stay tuned for mountains and fondue and the most efficient train system in the world.

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