Did you grow up in a Soviet state?

by gigigriffis
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If you’ve been following here for awhile, you may already know that a few years ago, I made time in my schedule to write fiction again. Since then, I’ve completed several manuscripts and am currently working on my third.

It’s set in a small village in Estonia in 1989, as the dominos were beginning to fall, one after the other leading to independence in the early ’90s. 

My other projects are all pretty ancient history. Lady pirates from the 1300s, con artists one hundred years later. But part of the joy of this project is that while it’s set during a significant period of history, it’s near history. It’s history so many of us remember. 

And because it’s so near, I’ve had the great pleasure of interviewing people who remember. Remember what it was like to watch Finnish TV shows and long for the name-brand jeans that seemed so glamorous in the west. Remember when you traded coupons for specified amounts of food. Remember when Patarei Prison was still stuffed with innocents who dared question the Soviet way of life. Remember worrying about nuclear war. Remember sewing masks after Chernobyl. Remember clasping hands with their neighbors in silent, peaceful protest of Soviet occupation.

And if you remember, too, if you were living in Estonia or Latvia, Lithuania, etc., I’d love to hear your stories. My book is set in Estonia, but there’s so much overlap across the former Soviet-occupied world, I find it all really helpful.

You can reach me at griffis.gigi@gmail.com if you’d like to share what your life was like in the ’80s under the USSR. 

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