Colorado. California. And Pinched Feet.

by gigigriffis

Spoiler alert: I’m back in Colorado for the fall!

So, something really weird happened. After a summer in Europe hiking some mountains, walking cobbles, and swing dancing my little heart out, my feet have grown. Yes, that’s right: my feet have grown. Has anyone ever heard of this before? A grown woman going through a growth spurt, but only in her feet? Yeah, me either.

The good news is that I still have a handful of shoes that fit, mostly because I just bought them. The bad news is that all my super cute re-styling project shoes are pinching my feet.

I know. Sad times.

But I digress.

I’m back in Colorado at the moment, enjoying some excellent Mexican food, taking trips to Target every other day, and working on some really cool new projects. And, in an opposite approach to my normal travel style, I’m also trying to spend some time experiencing Colorado as a tourist instead of a local. (So stay tuned for some zoo visits and cowboy bars. Because that’s going to happen.)

And after Colorado? I’m heading back to another of my favorite U.S. cities: sunny, sunny San Diego! One of my goals this year was to winter someplace warm. Score one for me.

Have a suggestion for San Diego eateries, beaches, hiking, and/or other awesome stuff? Please do leave a comment.


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