Best of 2012: Swiss Alps, Memoirs, & Those Darling Belgians

by gigigriffis

February in Belize.

It’s that time of year again. Time for looking back and forward, contemplating life and goals and all that jazz. And I started this big, long review of my year, but eventually got bored with myself and decided to just share with you a few of my favorite things I did in 2012, a few of the moments that strike me as most hilarious, and a few of the posts that people shared a lot, sent me notes about a lot, or just viewed a lot.

Because this stuff is way more fun than any lengthy year in review post, right? Right.

The most amazing things I did this year:
Hiked the Swiss Alps
Published my first memoir
– Attended my second content strategy conference (Confab 2012)
– Walked a good portion of Edinburgh’s gorgeous Water of Leith Walkway
Talked life and love at dinner parties with my girls in Belgium
Found a dragon in the Black Forest
Fell in love with and spent my birthday in Ghent, Belgium with my new friends
– Had one of the most delicious homemade dinners of my life in Paris with a new friend

Edinburgh, ScotlandEdinburgh’s gorgeous Water of Leith Walkway.

Most hilarious moments of the year:
– That time an Australian man in rainbow speedos attempted to seduce me in a Belizean hostel.
– That time that my roommate got a mysterious package in the mail…and it turned out to be an adult diaper
– That time I got my palm read by a stranger in Switzerland right after another stranger kissed me and right before yet another stranger hit on me by telling me I had white teeth.

A paraglider in switzerlandA paraglider in the Swiss Alps.

Stuff readers really liked:
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I Want to Be Sexy
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The (In)Complete Guide to Taking Your Dog to Europe
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Black ForestThe road to Mordor…I mean, the Black Forest.

Cheers to the closing of the old year and the start of a new year—in which I plan to pursue many more beautiful moments (and many less stressful ones). Ciao, darlings. Next time we talk, I’ll be in charming Italia.

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