Beautiful Spaces: Where We Stayed in Rennes, France

by gigigriffis

Welcome back to Beautiful Spaces—a series of posts in which I talk about the apartments, hotels, hostels, & B&Bs we stay in all over the world. It all started in 2013 when I realized that my contentment on the road is directly connected to how much I love where I’m living…and so made a commitment to find beautiful spaces to call home along the way. We stayed in this lovely two-story French home for a month in early summer 2018.

As you may already know, when it was finally time to head back to Europe in the early summer, we chose Rennes, France, as our first home base.

We chose the city for its central location and were delighted to find it also has the second largest fresh market in France, as well as plenty of amenities, restaurants, co-working spaces, etc.

For our month in this centrally-located university town, we had a few options for very nice apartments and ultimately we settled on this two-bedroom, two-story space about a 25-minute walk from the city center.

We thought the interiors looked charming – with antique-looking mirrors and chests, a spiral staircase, floor-length curtains. But the biggest reason we chose the apartment was its outdoor space: a walled garden with a picnic table and a set of outdoor couches and chairs.

There’s just something especially grand about having a private outdoor space and every time the sun came out, that’s where you could find us. Having a glass of wine. Writing. Reading. Working. Talking.

It was even better than we’d anticipated.

Bedroom one

The apartment is two bedrooms and one bathroom, with a little desk area in one bedroom (which Chad commandeered for his office). The red bedroom has an extremely comfy, soft bed. The white bedroom has a much firmer mattress. And one thing to keep in mind is that there is no traditional oven – just a stovetop. If you have a dog, make sure to ask permission before booking.

desk bedroom two



If you’re thinking about spending some time in Rennes, Anne-Sophie’s place is really darling. Especially if you love the idea of a private garden.

Keep in mind that the bedrooms are up a spiral staircase, so this wouldn’t be a good fit for those with mobility challenges.

If you’ve never booked with Airbnb before, use this link to sign up and we both get a nice little credit toward our next trips. When you’re ready to book, here’s the listing. Tell Anne-Sophie I sent you.

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Riana Ang-Canning July 19, 2018 - 7:28 pm

What a gorgeous place! I would love to stay here!

gigigriffis July 19, 2018 - 10:28 pm

I know, right?

By the way, I keep pulling out your URLs. The blog already automatically shares your blog link as your name in the comments. You don’t need to include the URL at the bottom of each comment (and it comes off as a little spammy, though I’m sure that’s not your intention). I wouldn’t mention it, except that I’ve had to edit four or five comments now, so if you wouldn’t mind leaving it out that would be great.


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