Beautiful Spaces: Holiday Apartments in Parma + Modena

by gigigriffis

As you may already know, after my book launch, I took an impromptu celebratory trip to foodie heaven, Emilia Romagna, spending two nights in Parma (original home of the famed Parmigiano cheese) and two nights in Modena (home of the famed balsamic vinegar).

For my two nights in Modena (one of my new favorite Italian cities, despite a stressful first day), I stayed at a well-appointed and much-bigger-than-expected Airbnb apartment.

The place was extremely well-located (I walked to the famous covered market, the main shopping streets, Osteria Francescana, etc.) and very comfortable. The only downsides? It’s right next to a very busy pub, so if you want to leave the bedroom windows open at night, it’ll be pretty noisy. Also, the landlord is a busy guy and so coordinating details can be a bit tricky (admittedly, I was just as bad at coordinating details on this trip and even turned up way late for my check-in time after losing track of time and then getting lost, which they were very gracious about).

That said, the place is lovely, starts at only $70 a night (so affordable for a two-bedroom!), and I loved Modena itself, so I’d definitely recommend a stay there.



Thank you to Lorenzo, the owner of this lovely little apartment, who extended a discount to me in exchange for my review. As always, all opinions are my own.

Just before my time in Modena, my first night in Parma was spent in a small, sunshiny studio just outside the city center. It was cozy, clean, nice, and had everything I needed. But even more importantly, the hostess was a sweetheart. Not only did she greet Luna and I and show us to the apartment, but she immediately filled a bowl with water for Luna (who was thrilled since she’d walked from the train station in the hot sun) and after she left I noticed that she’d left a bowl of cherries for me in the kitchen and, right beside it, a bag of dog treats for Luna.

I’m always a big fan of small kindnesses, especially after a long, hot travel day.

The place starts at $63 per night and is located less than five minutes from the bustling center area:



Kitchen closeup

Thank you to Mariachiara for not only her hospitality, but for allowing me to bring Luna and giving us a little discount in exchange for this review. As always, opinions are my own. You can find the apartment on Airbnb with prices starting at $63 per night.

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lee August 8, 2014 - 6:47 pm

lovely suggestions for apts. i shall have to try harder to find an apt, I NEVER find anything under 100 a day……………… shall be a challenge for my 3 month adventure this fall.

gigigriffis August 9, 2014 - 1:17 am

Really? There’s so much on Airbnb. :)


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