A Tiny Guide to the Best of Vancouver…According to Locals

by gigigriffis

Buy it Now:        Kindle for $2.99 – or Kindle Unlimited for free!

If you’ve been reading awhile, you already know that for the last three or so years I’ve been publishing a series of travel guides with the concept that locals have the best travel advice. They know where to find the hidden-away pizzeria with the best pies in Naples, the wildest hiking trails in the Swiss Alps, the best tapas in Barcelona. And so my books have been collections of interviews with locals from those places.

Today I’m happy to announce the 11th book in this series…which also happens to be a little experiment: the first photo-filled miniature 100-locals guidebook. Inside, you’ll find three Vancouver interviews (including one from yours truly after my own 4+ months in this Canadian coastal city) full of suggestions, as well as some large full-color photography.

For the first few months, the book is available only on Kindle First, which means you can read for free on Kindle Unlimited or nab yourself a copy for just $2.99 on Amazon.

If you’re heading to Vancouver for some adventures this coming year, this one’s for you. I wish lots of adventure, travel, and wonder to you and yours this holiday season!


Buy it Now:        Kindle for $2.99 – or Kindle Unlimited for free!

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