A Not-So-Zombie Apocalypse

Jul 26, 2012    /    things i like

Today my inappropriateness is being featured over at All Fooked Up. I wrote a thing about the apocalypse (and am probably going to hell, just so everyone knows). This goes out to all the people I love who have 20 lb sacks of rice in their basements. You know who you are.

In other news, here are a few fun facts about Belgium:

1. Belgians really do eat chocolate. Like, a lot. It’s not just a tourist thing.

2. Belgians really do eat waffles. That, too, is not just a tourist thing. They even sell waffles in the grocery store checkout aisle (right next to the gum).

3. French food is really Belgian. They stole it. I know because Fred, who is brilliant and knows everything about food, said so.

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