9 Beautiful Lessons From Around the World

by gigigriffis

September has been a month of reflection. A whole, luxurious month with no client projects spent walking through the wilderness, drinking with the valley’s handsome, adventurous base jumpers, stepping outside my tent in the morning and blowing kisses to the mountains.

It’s been a time of deep joy, even deeper well-being, and yet deeper contemplation.

I’ve made some big decisions about what comes next (more on that later). I’ve cried tears of gratitude while staring at imposing limestone cliffs. I’ve put my newfound self-love to the test, forgiving myself even when I make mistakes. And I’ve reflected on just how far I’ve come after a year and a quarter on the road.

And I’ve realized that one of the things I’m most grateful for is the series of new mantras I’ve developed. Realities I remind myself of every week. That I always have an exit. That all my options are good. That life isn’t pass-fail. And that I am loved.

So, just in case you’re new around here or just need a reminder, here are links to the most important lessons and mantras from this first year and a quarter of full-time travel.

Always remember:

. You always have an exit.

. All of your options are good.

. Life isn’t pass-fail.

. Today, I am in Paris.

. Yes, but I might just live my wildest dreams.

. It’s okay to quit.

. Why not?

. I was loved. I am loved. I have everything I need.

. You are not a burden.

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Heather September 23, 2013 - 9:46 am

Lovely reminders… and so helpful to have them all in one place! I refer to them often and continue to gain strength and understanding of myself. Thank you.

gigigriffis September 23, 2013 - 11:19 am

Yay! Me too. My best friend actually quoted one of them back to me the other day and I realized just how important they’ve become in my life.

Rob September 23, 2013 - 11:31 am

I’m a big fan of “why not”. Not necessarily in the context of the article that goes with the link above, fine as it is, but in general.

Years ago I tired of people who struggle to find reasons why they can’t do something.

Screw that – I’m more and more a “why not” person when an idea comes up or situation presents itself. And it’s glorious :)

gigigriffis September 28, 2013 - 1:23 am


Jonathan Look, Jr. September 25, 2013 - 1:22 am

I love this. There is nothing like travel to teach you what is really important. Life is about quality and for me, travel improves that quality. Even on days when I feel a litle down I just sit back and reflect on how amazing this all is. Then I can’t quit smiling. I think this that I wrote fits in quite well with your observations>


Gigi September 26, 2013 - 11:37 am

Totally agreed. When I reflect, I feel so grateful.

Maria September 26, 2013 - 2:42 am

Wonderful sentiments and even better as mantras – one bit of gear easy to take with me traveling and definitely fits in the carry-on. :-D

Gigi September 26, 2013 - 11:39 am

For sure!

stacy September 26, 2013 - 11:48 am

You’re a beautiful person, thank you and I can’t wait to see what’s next for you!
Great Happiness of course, but where will you go, what will you do?

gigigriffis September 26, 2013 - 11:51 am

Thanks! Ooh, I like that…happiness coach. :) I’ve definitely got some interesting new plans on the horizon and will be sharing them soon (still working out the details).


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